Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yeah, I had to do the whole "sheeple" thing!

Because this is just too cool! A good chunk of my blog feeds were showing off their Wordle creations and I just had to have my own! Check out Wordle and join the "club"! ;) You can enter your blog addy and it will randomly pick words from your posts and make a collage out of them. You can change colors and remove words and tweak things OR rather than putting in your blog, you can just enter your own words! I can see this being a whole lot of fun for various papercrafting as well!Update - Ha! Thena was able to fix it for me, lol! Soooooo glad we've got someone like her working with us at SNR! Digi stuff (this is a PNG file...NO idea what to do with one of those, lol!) is just plain beyond me. But our adorably sweet Thena promises that making one's own paper and other seemingly impossible tasks are within our grasp. She's got tutorials on all kinds of fun stuff in the magazine (and, of course, her trademark poetry - just for us!) and one of these days I'll get the software to sit and TRY them!

Thanks, Thena!!!