Friday, July 18, 2008

And some more!

Hopefully I'm on the road when this posts, lol - if not, I'm running WAY behind! I'll be in Chicago for the next few days at the CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) Show basking in all the creativity and new products. I'll have some posts for while I'm gone to keep you busy, then I'll be back on Sunday (probably won't blog until Monday though, lol) with lots of pics from the show! Check back in!

These are some more of the earrings I've been making. Please note that these are NOT actually finished in the photographs. They've been dipped about 6 more times each so are MUCH shinier (and stronger!). It really makes a big difference. If you look at the bottom two, you'll see I tried Stickles rather than Scribbles like I've been using. In the photo they look rather rough, right? After a few more times being dipped in the Future, those rough glitter edges smooth out beautifully! All four of these are using American Crafts papers. Different weights of paper REALLY make a difference in this project, both in the finished result and especially in the creation process. Thinner papers, while they CAN be used...are NOT easy to work with. I have a bunch I've been working on using older Chatterbox and cherryArte papers. The look - gorgeous. The paper is a nightmare to do this with though. I've had my best results with American Crafts, Prima, and My Mind's Eye. Making Memories doesn't do a lot of double-sided papers (although they've been doing more!), but I did some with the original Noteworth line and they are thick enough papers to work quite nicely. Looking forward to finding some new papers at the show to try!


croppin carla said...

WOw, those are so cute.......great job.
Well cant wait to hook up and meet tomorrow at CHA.......hope you are having a great day there today.

Tracey said...

Have fun !!!!!

Anonymous said...

fantastic earrings!!! just one question....what is the 'future' you dipped them in? i've never heard of it but i'm assuming its some type of acrylic hardener...???