Saturday, July 12, 2008

CHA Summer 2008 Sneak Peeks Video

Yay! I did it! At least I hope I did, lol!

I've been collecting! However I started collecting after I'd seen quite a few so now I have to remember what I've missed and go back and find those images to add, but I've still got a nice little collection here for your drooling pleasure! I messed with slideshow after slideshow and then finally figured out I could do this soooo much more easily just using Picasa, selecting all of them and making a movie! Way cool. I love Picasa! However it did cut some of them off a bit and didn't give me an option to include the file names. Soooo, if you want to see the full pics with the name of the company, I do have a Flickr file with all of them here. But in the meantime, here is about 2 minutes of the yumminess to be hitting your stores in the coming weeks and months!!

Ok. For those of you following along with my trials and errors with this, here's how I made it work. Picasa has this wonderful little button "blog this". Which will take whatever pics you choose and pull up Blogger and put them all right there in your post for you. Of course, I always forget this, lol, and do it the long way, one at a time. Anyways. Although the movie Picasa made showed up as an avi file, if you use the "blog this" button, it turns it into a jpeg. Oops. So you do have to manually add these videos into Blogger. And they MUST be under 100MB. And if they're not, Blogger will still PRETEND to be uploading it for hours. Grrr.

Picasa also does a really fast collage! Click on it to see it much bigger!

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croppin carla said...

WOW, you sure have been hard at aowrk...thats ALOT of sneak peaks...thanks for doing it. My favorirte right now is the NEW SCENIC Route Sonoma.....I totally LOVE IT!!!!Oh and of course PRIMA......