Monday, March 3, 2008

Such a Lucky Mommy!

After his grandparents left yesterday, my seven year old son, Michael, told me he wanted to make something with me. We went through some of his choices and he decided on a wooden gift bag. He picked out a light blue paint and went to work. Then he wanted to cover it the way I do with scrapbooking paper. We had been at Michael's last week and he usually gets me to agree to allow him to pick out a piece of paper (despite the piles and piles and boxes and bins and racks of paper I have here...). He had picked an ancient (cough - 2001!) Paper Pizazz paper that looks like water. Then he asked what kind of glue he would need to attach it to the wood - "Can I use your Mud Podge like you do, Mom?".... :) I love moments like that!!! Anyways, he had to go to bed before he could decorate the finished piece but hopefully I can share some pictures after school and karate tonight!

Here's a little something I made while he was making his WGB. I found these little windows in the miniatures section of Hobby Lobby. I couldn't think of a single actual USE for them but they were just so CUTE, lol! They came in a package of three. For this one, I painted it in a dark pink but it still turned out too bright for what I wanted so I used a sheer gold glaze (Rubber Stampede/Delta) over it to darken it up (ok, and make it shimmery). I attached a small scrap of paper from Basic Grey's Blush line and then lots of tiny Prima's. A button and some rubons from Making Memories and then filled in the centers of the flowers with a pearly light blue Scribbles.

The blue paint bottle wasn't used at all in the project, it just happened to be handy to show you the size of these little windows!

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Lida said...

Love your windows and how sweet that your boy wanted to get crafty with you.