Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I have been tagged and given a little award and need to pass both on!

Heres how it works:
1. Link to the person that tagged you and leave a comment on their blog, so that their readers can visit yours. Kazan tagged me!
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Share 7 Random facts about yourself on your blog.
4. Tag 7 random people at the bottom of your post, linking to their blog. Let each person know by leaving a comment on their blog.Random facts about me:

Ok. Here's my seven random facts about myself...
1. I can't cook. Just plain can't. For "potluck" type events at my old job, it was just assumed - Jenna's bringing the handmade card!
2. I have a new fascination with John Deere tractors. :)
3. I am a Myspace junkie.
4. I am petrified of needles and dentists (whose every tool looks like an altered needle...)
5. I haven't seen my natural haircolor since junior high.
6. My biggest wish would be for a maid...preferably one who cooks too! Hmmm, Alice from the Brady Bunch is who I want!
7. I own as many trimmers as I do pairs of shoes...which is a bad thing, lol!

Aaaaand, I'd like to tag:
1. Roni
2. Laurie
3. Rhi
4. Sherry
5. Irene
6. Angela
7. Michelle

And ANOTHER thing is that Kazan also gave me this sweet little award last week I hadn't gotten back to putting up and passing along yet! Thank YOU, Kazan, for making MY day with this and I'd like to pass it along...

To Roni for being my inky friend for so many years (even the ones while I disappeared)
To Laurie for still being my scrapping buddy after all these years (again, even while I was MIA)!
To Sherry for being that rare kind of ex-mother-in-law who remains my friend and mom and encourages me to dream!
To Irene and Rhi for just being insanely inspiring!

Thank you for making my day so many times, ladies!!!


Aimeslee said...

Hi Jenna, okay I know where we cross paths...2peas blogger! I'm kinda still wondering if you were doing DW2008 too? If you are going what? check your inbox, sent you some challenge email.

Love all the altered decs and furniture. You do a fabvulous job!

Kazan said...

I loved reading your list - it made me smile. I would also LOVE a maid. Had one all my life until I got here -so it has been a bit of a learning curve - this house cleaning thing. I am also a coffee addict - no enabling here - just pure understanding :) Try kraft Food Magazine (free) for the yummiest food that ANYONE can make (I speak from experience). Have a super Day.

Colleen said...

Love reading these lists! Always fun to find out little bits about other people and to find out how much more alike we are than not!

scrapperlicious said...

It's been fun reading about you! Thanks for the tag too! Hugs!

Laurie said...

((hugs)) it was so great to hook up again!! are you busy sat? I'm cropping at Donna's =o)