Friday, December 21, 2007

New website discovery!

See, Sitemeter can give you fascinating information! When browsing my referrals today I saw one from a site I'd never heard of (or maybe just wasn't paying enough attention - Hi Colleen and Julie!) so I went to check it out. Remember my post from a few days ago with my favorite holiday projects? Want more? Craft Critique is finishing up a 3-day carnival in which they have linked tons and tons of great projects! :) Thank you so much for including a couple of mine! I'm heading back over to check out all the links, but wanted to run back here and share my find first! Seriously - just looking over the site, I'm thinking I could spend a couple of days in here checking out all the products and blogs and companies and everything they have reviewed (not just the Christmas carnival, lol)! Good stuff!!!


Rachael said...

What a great link!!! Thanks!! Congrats for being included too!

Linda said...

Thanks for the link, looks like a fun site.