Sunday, December 16, 2007


Ok, so we got an ungodly amount of snow the past 24 hours! It took me over an hour this morning to dig my car out and a path out of the driveway, but I don't intend to use it anytime soon! I just want to do the bear thing and curl up in my nice, warm house until spring! And hey, I have enough crafting supplies to last me that long...and if not, that's what UPS/FedEx are for! Anyways, I actually did a non-Christmas project today! Not that I don't still have Christmas projects hanging about unfinished, but I think I'm done subjecting you to them, lol! So here's a little wall hanging with hooks I intend to use for my keys and purse. It's from Walnut Hollow and I used paper from Daisy D's. I really loved this piece of paper and hated to cover it with anything (plus, I would feel dorky putting "keys" or something on I'd forget?). So, instead I decided to play with the design of the paper itself and completely work just with that. However (and the picture totally does not show this well - click on it to get the bigger version and it's a little easier to see the details), everything that is not white on this paper got some kind of treatment. I pulled out Glossy Accents and Crackle Accents from Ranger and Scribbles from Duncan and just kept painting it all on! There are also clear gems (from Tulip/Duncan) over all the circles. I love that I was able to keep the gorgeous paper intact, yet add my own touch of texture to it! Now to hunt down a level so I can hang it up!

Also, don't forget to scroll down and leave a comment on my post from the other day to get in the running for an RAK (which I just now remembered I still haven't photographed, lol, now that it's getting dark!).


Linda Beeson said...

This is stunningly, amazingly, gorgeous! You were right too, the bigger version is pretty amazing! WOW did you even make that piece of paper SHINE!

Jan said...

Send me some snow! LOL!! We get only a dusting down here in the south.

Jenna Franklin said...

Jan, you are welcome to all of mine and more! I only want to see snow Christmas Eve, lol!