Monday, December 10, 2007

Another Christmas Frame!

I've been noticing a trend in my sitemeter tracking. I am completely addicted to it! My readership just keeps going up and I just marvel then want to know where on earth you're all coming from, lol! Well in recent weeks I've found the #1 search that leads people to my blog is for Christmas frames. Eek! Of course, I had to pull down my Christmas frame picture because it's in an online magazine! So, this morning I decided to remedy that and do up another one really quick. Yes! These REALLY are quick projects and the perfect beginner project as well. These $1 frames from Michael's are my favorite way to get a quick altering "fix". They're great for last minute gifts as well! If you don't add a coat of Mod Podge on the top, you can literally give someone one of these in an hour. Another half hour and you can add the top coat, just warn the recipient to keep it from touching anything overnight to be sure it cures completely! It's all nice, straight lines (with a little curve around the corners for practice!). There simply is no easier altering project.

For this frame, I began by adding two thin coats of white Apple Barrel paint (if you keep them thin, they'll dry really fast!) to the back and sides (don't forget the inside edge!). Then I added Merry & Bright paper from Scrapworks' Season of Joy line. When everything was dry, I simply added a few matching chipboard embellishments from Scrapworks. I really love their glittered chipboard - the glitter stays put -no brushing sparkles out of your hair days later! I had originally planned on adding more, but after looking at it at this point, decided I liked it just the way it was.

Altering is a wonderful way to use up extra embellishments (especially bulky ones!), but it's also a great way to keep the focus on papers!


Lisa the Lovely said...

I love your blog and projects. You're so talented. But I have a question. You said you used 2 coats of white paint. was that just to help the paper adhere better or am I missing something? My email is if you have time to email me the answer. Thank you?

Jenna Franklin said...

Thank you, Lisa!
I actually only paint the back and sides with the two coats of white paint. I also let a little bit slop over the edges onto the front. I do the sides and back to get a finished look. These dollar frames have a hole in the back and come with a peg. You can either hang them by a nail using the hole, or place the peg in the hole and it will prop it up for use as a tabletop frame. When using these frames you do have to pay attention to which way you want to use it as once it's done, if there's a right way up, that's it unless you want to drill another hole! I almost always do them as tabletop frames and therefore I finish the back so it's not just unfinished wood back there. I have two ledges in between my living room and dining room and a lot of my frames end up there, even if just temporarily. :) I just want it looking good from both sides!

The only time I'll prime (or add a coat or two of paint before adding my paper) is if I'm altering something that's a dark color or has a strong pattern and I'm covering in a light colored paper and I have any fear that it will show through. I love finding really ugly things at yard sales and such and fixing them up and this is where this technique comes in handy!

Staci said...

What a cool frame! You're inspiring me to scrap right now!