Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bead Trends March/April 2008 Issue

Well, I haven't gotten my copies yet, but I flipped through this last night in Michael's and this magazine just keeps getting better and better! The photography in this issue is simply stunning! I have four pieces in it - two necklaces and two bracelets - and I was just amazed how the photos came out! I'll get the page numbers up here once I get my copies and can sit down with it.

One piece, in particular (Wood Dreams necklace) really stood out. I knew just how gorgeous these stones were (they're yellow wood jasper) in real life but MY photos of them didn't relay it. The pics in the magazine - WOW! They really show off how incredible these stones really are!

Oh, and there's a bracelet (In Full Bloom) made with scrapbook supplies too - remember those plastic flowers American Crafts did in those cute little canisters? Yup - they made a really cute stretchy bracelet!

I can't even put into words how excited and honored I am to have had my jewelry featured in the first three issues of this magazine! I'm sad I won't be in the next two (a submission date got moved up and I didn't notice since I had it written down elsewhere), but am currently preparing submissions for the next one! Wish me luck!

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Lida said...

Oh that must be an awesome feeling! Good luck for your next pieces!