Sunday, August 26, 2007

Boa Yarn Clock

This was another clock I did for the Herr's CHA-Winter 2007 booth. I got a lot of skepticism when I said I could do a clock for each department and this one (soft crafts) everyone really wondered how I'd pull this off. Took some thinking, but turned out to be a really fun project! I used a Walnut Hollow clock base and put strips of Provo Craft's Teriffically Tacky Tape (the kind with the red liner) all the way across it and trimmed around. Then staring at the outside, I just started pressing on Boa yarn from Lion around the clock. It was a really simple process, but time consuming. However it's do-able in front of the TV because it doesn't require much attention. Attaching the rhinestone gems (from Cousin Beads) required a little more thought since the fluffy Boa yarn "moves". So I used a good liquid gemstone glue and kind of glued through all the yarn at each spot to make it sit still and form a "base" for the gems. I thought this would be a fun project for younger girls and would be a fun thing to have in their room!