Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fountain Blue Frame

Another frame that was really easy but so fun! I still find feathers here and there to prove it. This was in the Zsiage booth at CHA-Summer 2007. I used my usual dollar frame from Michael's and Mod Podge, of course! The paper (which I LOVE) is from Zsiage (Fountain Blu from the Vintered collection). The rubons are from
American Crafts and the feathery edging is a boa from Zucker Feather that I cut a piece from and attached with double-sided tape (the red kind from Provo). Here's a tip - if you want to use rubons, use them BEFORE you Mod Podge. My lesson from this particular frame! Rubons don't particularly like to stick to MP. Can be done (as seen here), but takes a whole lot more effort and care to get the whole rubon stuck without messing it up.

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liannallama said...

Wow! It's beautiful! So soft and romantic!