Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Mail!

Gosh I love happy mail days! Today definitely fit the bill! I got an awesome blog RAK package from Stephanie! Just LOOK at all the yummy goodies she sent me! I really need to get my son to bed on time tonight because I am totally going to do some stamping with these stamps! Soooo in love with them all! And look! 6x6 square envies - I think she's been reading my mind (or my posts at SNR, lol) that I never do anything but standard sizes because of the envelope issue (as in I just can't bring myself to make them, lol)! But I'm a big fan of the 6x6 size of anything so I'm excited to have a way to do cards that size too now. And speaking of cards, those packs of pre-made (my favorite) cards at the bottom of the picture? The texture is AMAZING! Not sure the brand (packaging doesn't say), but they're gorgeous!

She sent this gorgous card along with the package - it's amazing! Ok, see all the stripes? Each one is placed separately and I'm just beyond impressed because everything is lined up so perfectly I had to look close to even be sure they WERE done in strips like that!

And I REALLY want one of these custom stamps now! Is that just the cutest thing!!! Her name and blog addy - LOVE this (it was stamped on the back of the card).

If you haven't been to Stef's blog, it's definitely a must-see! She does incredible cards - lots of stamping and sketches! Eye candy just about every day so definitely worth getting the feed (have I mentioned i LOVE how up-to-date I'm staying on my blog feeds now that I'm on Firefox?).


SmilynStef said...

Thanks so much for your kind post ... the card packs are Hot Hues! from Target ... the personalized stamp is from Onyx Xpressions:

Jennifer said...

Wow - nothing better than a RAK> Enjoy it!