Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Crop-a-Dile winner!! Misty K!

So since my son is still home on three weeks of Spring Break, I thought I'd let him help me with the winner. I had to interrupt a video game to get this, lol, and then after I turned the camera off he asked if HE had won! So here's the first video I've tried to upload...hopefully this works right! (Well, it works, but I think I need to upload it to Youtube next time - this took FOREVER and it's only a few seconds long!) I'll have to work out the bugs (and definitely learn to edit the videos a bit) before putting some tutorials up, but I have lots of great ideas you've all listed!

And comment #20 is:

Using the Crop-A-Dile....any tutorials would be great.

Misty K in Ohio

Misty K, please email me your mailing addy to michaelcsmommy@yahoo.com and I'll get your Crop-a-dile and a few other goodies out in the mail tomorrow!

Thank you so much, everyone, for playing! I was contacted today by a manufacturer of a really cool organization product and she's sending me out one to give away so be watching for that giveaway coming soon!!

Oh! And look down on the righthand side of my blog - I have a theme song now, lol! I was nice and set it to NOT play automatically, but it's definitely a happy song I had forgotten ALL about until Jami Petersen from Scrapbook.com Magazine brought it up as a potential title, lol! Go have a listen - you'll smile, I promise, especially if you're old enough to remember it, lol!


Cindy said...


What a cute video - TFS :)

And THANK YOU for NOT having your song play automatically...that drives me NUTS. And I have never heard that song before...

Jenna Franklin said...

LOL - it drives me nuts too since I always have my own music playing on the computer and then someone else's chimes in...it never seems to coordinate well either, lol!