Friday, April 11, 2008

Accordian Receipt Organizer

In case you couldn't tell, I just finished up my taxes, lol! THIS year I think I'll try being organized. I've forever got receipts scattered everywhere so I thought I'd make up a little holder to tuck them into - not just my tax stuff, but also major purchases, etc. and stuff I just tend to keep.

I started with an accordian folder album from Zsiage - it's 6x12 so this came together really fast. I adhered papers from Zsiage's New England line. The stripe is Cape Cod Stripe and I used that on the front and back, then covered the pockets with Surf and Turf. I used a metallic embroidery thead from DMC (I separated out 1/2 the strands to use) to sew the pockets closed at the sides, making sure the stitching was even on the front and back. I also added a drop of glue to each of the knots as this metallic floss has an odd slickness to it that made me wonder if it would STAY knotted without some help. I cut some smaller pieces of Ocean View and attached a piece to the front and smaller pieces to each of the pockets. I labeled the pocket pieces with my categories (using a Permapaque pen from Sakura) and then outlined each of the pieces with Cinammon Stickles (I LOVE this color!!).
The chipboard numbers and letters on the front are also from Zsiage. The numbers come packaged together and then the letters are 1.5" Monica font. You'll need to click on the photo of the front to see the detail. For all the chipboard pieces, I first textured them with the Tim Holtz hammer. Which was fun, lol, I want to play with that some more! Then I used alcohol inks to cover the chipboard. I finished it off using the metallic mixatives by themselves (well, I added just a touch of the blending solution) both dabbing and swiping to get it really random then wiped some away as well.
I know the flowers don't quite match, but I'm out of the teal in that size so I just went with what Primas I had handy. I liked the bit of contrast it gave but may go back and change that. One of the other Zsiagettes had put together a layout with these papers and used either a red or a pink accent (wracking my brain trying to remember - gonna have to go check) and it ended up just looking fantastic together and it's one of those things I NEVER would have thought up on my own, lol, being such the matchy-matchy girl I am! Anyways. The flower centers are chipboard dots from Zsiage's Chippies set covered in the Cinammon Stickles again.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Jenna--great organizer!

Lida said...

Oh pretty, pretty and how functional!!

Kip said...

Great idea!!

Allison Carter said...

Yay! Great ideas. I love making organization pretty. It makes me want to organize more! Thanks for sharing.

Lisa Turley said...

Awesome job Jenna! :)