Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happiness is...

Catching up with old friends over shopping! I had a wonderful time on Saturday. Last week an old scrapping buddy of mine and I re-connected through my blog (isn't the Internet a marvelous thing - we also originally met online!). I've only seen her once since I moved and not much during the last year I was living in Champaign either so I haven't had someone to crop or shop with since then! I was in town to drop off my son so we met up and she introduced me to the newest LSS in town (Blessed 2 Scrapbook on S. Neil if you're in the area!). It's been forever since I've been to an LSS!! Then we went to Michael's, who had NEW stuff in the unfinished wood aisles! Yay! Below I've taken a quick shot of some of the latest stuff I picked up (yes, of COURSE I bought multiples of them, lol). The birdhouses and basket are more of my favorite - $1 items! And the chest of drawers was just too cute to pass up.

She also gave me directions to another LSS I didn't know about on my way home (Scrapbookers Dream in St. Joe) so I'm in heaven! Looks like my bi-weekly trip to Champaign can now include more than just a Michael's stop!

I'm working on one of the little baskets right now and hope to have it posted later today (of course, I'm working on about 20 other things too so it will depend on what gets finished and dried first, of course!).


Rhi said...

you got that birdhouse for $1?! i want!
(i seem to be saying that alot lately!)

Jenna Franklin said...

Rhi - yes, the birdhouses really are a dollar but they're really small (i.e. no bird could actually use them, lol). The tall one is 5" and the shorter one is 3 3/4". Cute though, aren't they!