Thursday, October 4, 2007

Holiday Frame

This was something I put together for a nursing home craft project so it's a bit off my beaten path. I used paper mache, which is something I really don't do often (and this frame was warped when I began, so I don't see my paper mache useage going up after this experience, lol). The paper is from Prima and the velvet ribbon from Flair. Jingle bells and glitter finish it off. Everything is attached with Mod Podge except the bow/bells combo (which I used a bit of wire to complete), which I used a glue dot on.

I've never tried doing glitter like this with Mod Podge and was pleased that it worked as well as it did. This project is very simple, and would be a great project for children as well - very easy, very messy with all the glitter!

This was also the first time I used the newer Mod Podge Satin Finish and I REALLY like this! Think of it as the halfway mark between the matte and the glossy. It also shows the brush strokes without leaving a textured brush stroke (like the Mod Podge Brush Strokes Finish) so I did experiment a little with that before smoothing it back out and think I'm going to try that on my next project.

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luv2scrapmilestones said...

Love the frame. And, I really love the idea of giving your gift of creativity to some folks in a nursing home even more. Way to spread the love.