Thursday, August 14, 2008

CHA - Maya (the roomie, not the Road)

Although I have a ton of pics from the Maya Road booth (their designers are AMAZING!), this is about my roomie and new friend from the show! Originally I had planned on rooming with a friend, who decided she couldn't go. So then I changed my plans and was going to room with another girl from 2Peas and two other girls she had found to share the room. Well, a few days before the show and the day before the show, two of the four of us had to drop out for family/health reasons. So it was down to myself and Maya (who I'd never met or spoken to!) and a suddenly too expensive room with just the two of us. Maya made some calls and worked on the internet and ended up finding us a room here
for actually less than we'd have been paying as a foursome at the other hotel. Well, the Hilton is IN O'Hare. And for a four-star hotel, their service was insanely crappy. BUT, Maya ended up being the most awesome roomie! We both drove in from opposite directions on Friday and didn't meet up until late Friday night checking in to the hotel. We got along fabulously! Despite being tired (hello, she's seven months pregnant and worked 3 days at the Fiskars booth plus walked the show!), and the key fiasco (it took until the next day to actually have keys that worked in our I said, the service there was really not impressive...), we sat up each night, chatting and watching Pretty Woman while she made these...

Are those adorable or what! She just sat on her bed crocheting away and lucky me got a set!

Here's Maya while we were waiting (of course Saturday was rainy - oh joy) for a shuttle over to the convention center area.

And we FINALLY got a pic together just before I left on Sunday. Worn out and ready to go home (poor thing still had a couple of hours left to work there at the Fiskars booth!) but really glad we met!